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What You Should Know About Fasting

Intermittent fasting is the #1 diet in North America because it’s simple and it works

Fasting with Water

Prolonged Fasting

The Benefits of Fasting

Promotes Healthy Aging

As you age, your cells slow down and become inefficient. But prolonged fasting triggers a process called “autophagy”— a self-cleaning and optimization process for your cells. Through this process, your cells begin to act like younger cells, which can enable you to live a better, fuller life.

Encourages Healthy Habits

Change your relationship with food, reduce your cravings, and gain better portion control.

Supports Metabolic Health

Maintain healthy levels of metabolic balance. Transform your lifestyle and eating habits.

What is Fasting Mimicking?

What Happens to Your Body While You Fast?

5-Day Fasting Journey

Here’s what happens to your body over the course of a five-day fast:

Day 1

Enter Fasting State

Your body transitions into a fasting state and fat burning begins.


Your body transitions into a fasting state and fat burning begins.

Fat burning ramps up, contributing to the start of ketogenesis (ketone production). By the end of Day 2, ketosis may occur, which is a metabolic state that happens when fat is used to fuel the body rather than glucose.


Autophagy / Cell Clean Up

Cell clean-up begins. Fat burning and ketone production/utilization continues.

Day 4

Cell Rejuvenation

Cell clean-up and renewal and fat burning continues.

Day 5 and Beyond

Renewal and Change

Cell renewal and change continues after you complete the fast.